Mark’s Madness. Just a few ramblings.
Am I the only one not buying into Ben Simmons? I have no doubt that some NBA team will take him with the first or second pick in the draft but it wouldn’t be the first time that an NBA team got that wrong. Two teams passed on Michael Jordan in that draft. I just have a hard time believing that the best player in the world NOT already in the NBA couldn’t get his team to the NCAA tournament, especially in the weak SEC.
I pull for the SEC in most cases but I must admit to enjoying watching Kentucky get bounced from the Big Dance. That look on Calipari’s face was priceless. I am pulling for Texas A&M and that comeback to win in double overtime after trailing by 12 with less than two minutes left in regulation was great. Go Aggies.
As for my bracket, three of my Final Four teams are still alive and, from the sound of it, that’s not bad. I think it has become very clear that parity now reigns in college basketball. Which means that there are probably another twenty teams that could have possibly made a run to the Sweet 16 if they had made the tournament. I have Kansas winning it all, and that looks pretty good so far.
I caught a little flack a few weeks back for saying that the Atlanta Braves have assembled a roster with absolutely no intention of being competitive this season. I predicted the Braves would finish last in the East and might lose as many as a hundred games. The Braves are in last place in the Grapefruit League in spring training. Their current record is 6-16. If you project that out over a 162 game season, that equates to over a 110 losses. Now, I realize that spring training games are approached differently than regular season games but make no mistake, this is the worst roster the Braves have gone into a season with since they arrived in Atlanta and they have no intention of mid-season trades to make them better THIS season.
I have a certain amount of disdain for John Elway ever since old horsehead refused to play for the Colts if they drafted him. I’m not a Colts fan but the draft is set up the way it is for a reason and I don’t like one player manipulating it. I don’t care for Eli Manning for the same reason. So it is with great joy that I watch as the Denver Broncos lost Peyton to retirement AND the guy who got them to the playoffs, Brock Osweiler, to free agency because Mr. Ed didn’t lock him up to a contract when he could have. Now the Broncos are heading into the spring with, wait for it, wait for it-Mark Sanchez as their top quarterback. I think that is called Karma.
I do not watch NASCAR as much as I used to but someone talked me into joining a fantasy racing league so I am paying more attention this year. I have mostly scoffed at the idea that the men are determined to make sure that Danica Patrick never wins a race and have assumed she just wasn’t that good. However, in Sunday’s race Patrick had a fast car and was making a move toward the front. Kasey Kahne was a lap down and certainly appears to turn right into Danica as she passed him. She probably should have whipped his scrawny little butt.