The Cartersville Police Investigations Division recently conducted an internet prostitution operation, and as a result 11 individuals were arrested. The Investigations Division is taking a proactive approach to curtail prostitution, sex trafficking and the crimes that are commonly associated with these incidents.

According to Cartersville Police, “Theft, robbery, and drug related crimes accompany prostitution and can have a negative impact on the area.”

Arrested were:

  • Rodney Daniels: Pandering, Prob Violation- Baldwin CO
  • Randy Steely: Sexual Battery
  • Julio Pinal: Pandering, Solicitation of Sodomy
  • Quinton Wood: Pandering
  • Donald Zirkelbach: Pandering
  • Kendall Greeson: Masturbation for Hire
  • Billy Keadle: Solicitation of Sodomy
  • Darrin Munday: Pandering, Solicitation of Sodomy
  • William Teems: Pandering
  • Fernando Heredia: Pandering, Solicitation of Sodomy