Kids don’t like to save money any more than you do. It’s not easy which makes it not very fun. And since kids love fun, I’m thinking we should try to put the fun back into saving.

Piggy banks may seem a little old school in this world of technology that we live in, but they can make saving money seem exciting for a kid. First, it’s all about creating the best piggy bank you can. If your kids got a piggy bank when they opened up a savings account, then give them some stickers and let them go to town. Otherwise, you can look around the house and fine old jars or shoe boxes. You’ll need construction paper, stickers, magazine pictures, markers, and maybe even some glitter if you’re brave enough!

Don’t stop at just one piggy bank. Create a different box, jar, or piggy for each item that your kids want to save for. Or I’ve even seen kids use their different piggy banks for categories like giving, short term savings goals, or long term savings goals.

Be creative and have fun! Seeing their creation every day will remind them to keep adding to it. And when it gets full, it’s time for a trip to the credit union!