The Rome Braves announce today that the 4th Annual No Excuses 5K, Health Walk, & Hot Dog Fun Run will take place on Saturday April 16th.   The race in memory of local fitness & health trainer Scott Hines and benefits the Braves Miracle Field of Rome.


The Rome Braves are offering race participants three opportunities to join in the fun at No Excuses.  The first is the 5K & Health Walk starting at 8am.  The new event, the Hot Dog Fun Run, will begin at 9am.  Participants will consume a hot dog before starting their run on the trail immediately surrounding State Mutual Stadium.  At the first station, they will stop and eat a second hot dog & at the second station they will stop & partake of a final hot dog before finishing the race on the field.  The first male & female participants to cross the finish line without “losing their lunch” will be crowned the Hot Dog King and Queen and will receive free hot dogs at State Mutual Stadium during the 2016.


The athletes at the Braves Miracle Field of Rome live Scott’s motto of “no excuses” each week as they suit up to play America’s pastime in the spring and fall with approximately 100 athletes each week.  A spring and fall weekday school league is also offered.  The school league has proven to be a great success as it has allowed athletes who do not normally compete in Miracle League to play ball.  The Braves Miracle Field of Rome is for children and adults with any disability to be able to enjoy the game of baseball.  The commitment extends to insure that no athlete is turned away from the game due to financial constraints.

For more information call the Rome Braves at 706-378-5100.