Berry College has christened its pristine 88-acre lake on the west side of campus “Eagle Lake,” referencing the bald eagles who make their home on the world’s largest campus.


Eagle Lake will serve as the backdrop to the future Continuing Care Retirement Community that Berry is helping to develop. Affording uninterrupted views of Lavender Mountain and the surrounding woodlands, Eagle Lake offers an abundant food source for the eagles and the multitude of other wildlife species that reside on what has been recognized as one of the “world’s most beautiful college campuses.”


Eagle Lake is one of the many beautiful sites that residents of Berry College’s future Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) will experience, as it will be built on undeveloped college land near the college’s main campus. The CCRC, which will be named next month, will feature 150 apartment homes and cottages and offer a full complement of healthcare and supportive services and amenities on the world-renowned 27,000-acre campus. Lakeside fine dining and a host of recreational and fitness facilities unique to the CCRC will also be readily available, along with the security of lifelong health services and the region’s top medical centers.


In addition to the population of eagles that frequent the area, two in particular are famous and known as the “Berry College Eagles.” The pair nest on the main campus in a tall pine tree and their every move is broadcast on live streaming cameras. Millions of viewers from across the world have watched the pair, which has produced seven eaglets since 2012.


“It’s amazing how famous the Berry eagles have become,” said Steve Briggs, Berry’s president.  “People from across the nation watch the web cam, but residents at our senior living center will be able to experience them firsthand as the eagles fly and fish at Eagle Lake.”