So 2015 is in the books, and it’s time we start anew.

The old saying ‘maybe next year’ is finally here so let’s hope for a great new season.

Here are my top 6 sports moments from 2015.

6: For the first time since 1997 I was actually excited for a boxing match. Not since the ‘Bite Fight’ had the world even remotely cared about paying over $100 for a pay-per-view boxing match. Then finally on May 9, MAYWEATHER-PACQUIAO finally happened. It was crazy, from toddlers to one foot in the grave folks cared about the sport of boxing once again. However, it again proved why not only UFC, but WWE remains the top box office draw in ‘fighting sports’. For an hour the two ‘best boxers in the world’ danced around the ring. I saw more dancing in that fight then I did when my wife made me attend the Nutcracker. Both put me to sleep. Thankfully I watched the fight at a friend’s house and only provided a few adult spirits for admission.

5: The world lost one of the greatest sports broadcasters in history last January. It’s hard to believe its been a year since Stuart Scott lost his battle with cancer. I am currently reading his autobiography and it only makes me admire the man even more.  From ‘it’s as cool as the other side of the pillow’ (which I still use on a weekly basis ) to his last major quote’ When you die, that does not mean that you lose to cancer. You beat cancer by how you live, why you live, and the manner in which you live. So live. Live. Fight like hell, and when you get too tired to fight, lay down and rest, and let somebody else fight for you’, Scott always made an impact.  He truly was a pioneer in the world of sports broadcasting. As a matter of fact, I feel that he was the greatest in our era.

4: I love March Maddness. After attending the SEC basketball tournament in Nashville it was evident that Kentucky feared no one. You could not walk around the Music City without the constant reminder of how great the Wild Cats were. They were rolling, no stopping them…. Kentucky boasted four NBA players and other highly recruited stars, so it was no wonder how John Calipari and the Wildcats were able to win their first 38 games. Everybody filled out their brackets in March and penciled in Kentucky as the national champ – because they were poised to become the first undefeated team since 1976 to win the NCAA Tournament. Wisconsin had other ideas. Behind Player of the Year Frank Kaminsky and Sam Dekker, the Badgers upset the Wildcats 71-64 in the Final Four and shocked the world. It was a reminder to never put your horse before the cart. I just love upsets.

3: Speaking of upsets. How would you like to lay down a $100 bet and then walk out with $20,000 in your pocket. That was the case when Holly Holm beat my next wife, eer, I mean Ronda Rousey in Australia. The world has not seen an athlete dominate his or her sport quite like Ronda Rousey. She became a larger-than-life icon who transformed into a fighter we thought was invincible. Only, Holly Holm took down Rousey in November with a swift kick to the face and the UFC Women’s Bantamweight title was swapped. I can’t wait for the rematch this year.

2: Speaking of friendly wagers. Last year’s Super Bowl win by the New England Patriots provided the world with one of the greatest games ever played. The Seahawks led the Patriots 24-14 entering the fourth quarter, but Tom Brady and company mounted an impressive comeback and claimed a four-point lead with two minutes left. Backed by Russell Wilson, Seattle drove down the field to the one-yard line and all it needed was to hand off to All-Pro running back Marshawn Lynch for a score. Instead, Wilson dropped back, and tried to pass – only to find that New England rookie Malcolm Butler grabbed a near-impossible interception to seal the 28-24 win.   On top of that, let’s say if you had the number’s 8 and 4 on your ‘game board’ you walked a winner. I sure do love chicken dinners.

1: While my number one isn’t some thrilling overtime victory, or even my favorite team playing for a championship, it does deal with my Georgia Dogs. This year I got to take my daughter Georgia to her first Georgia football game. It was an awesome experience to watch my two year-old hoop and holler. As the season progressed it brought a tear to this old man’s eye to even see her learn all the little chants. I know it sounds over the top, but as the fourth quarter rolls around and watching her hold her fingers up to Krypton, this old man dropped a tear.

Sports has been something that I’ve loved since I was knee high to a grasshopper. I have always enjoyed going to these events and making memories with friends. However, now that I have a family, a loving (and totally understanding wife who puts up with a lot), and two children that now share my passion, it makes it that much better.

Here’s to hoping we have tons of celebrating in 2016.

Have a happy New Year!

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