College football is all but over and now fans of the sport must find other avenues to find reasons to Facebook bash each other.

I guess that’s why most college football fans follow politics.

So what did we learn this season?

Alabama’s dynasty is not close to being over. After the loss to Ole Miss the sports world had the Tide all but in the nursing home. Turns out, they are probably the best team in the country. The only question now is what will happen to them post Kirby Smart.

Speaking of Alabama, most that have read my columns for years know that they are without a doubt my least favorite sports team of all. After all, they have tons of sports and not a single fan follows any of them but basketball. That drives me nuts. However, this changed last weekend. While in Jacksonville for the Taxslayer Bowl my family and I decided to make the hour and a half trip south to Gainesville to watch Georgia play Florida in basketball.  While there my two year-old daughter, who was attending her second sporting event in 8 hours got a little restless. So my wife decided to take her to the concourse to run away a bit. She tripped and in the process a Florida Gator fan (female in her 50’s) decided to walk up, laugh at my 2 year-old and say ‘ha, I guess she crashed and burned like the Dawgs did tonight.’ Needless to say, I wouldn’t pull for the Gators against an intramural ISIS volleyball team.

We also learned that winning 10 games apparently isn’t good enough to keep your job in the Southeastern Conference. Talk about job pressure.

We learned that players in the south always get preferential treatment in Heisman voting. Derick Henry was good, but Christian McCaffrey was the best all-around player in college football.

We learned that the people who decide when the college football playoff games are played care less about ratings and the average fan. Playing the games on New Year’s Eve is absurd. For one, a lot of folks have to work that day and will automatically miss the opener. Second, most people enjoy a night out on the town, which absolutely destroys that. There’s nothing like a college football game on News Year’s Day. Period. Games on News Year’s Eve is like opening Christmas presents on Christmas Eve. I hate it.

We learned that the Southeastern Conference, much like Alabama, is not a thing of the past. Breaking the all time record with 8 wins is very impressive. If you toss in the fact that Missouri turned down a bowl bid, that number could have been higher. Like Ric Flair always said, to be the man you have to beat the man.


Finally we learned that the state of Alabama will be in a joyous mood this weekend. I see both Alabama and Jacksonville State winning the national title in their respective divisions.

Now on to basketball season.

Go Dawgs!