Officials with the South Rome Redevelopment Corp. has recommend that the duplexes that will be built at the former site of Anna K Davie Elementary School be called Burrell Square. They added that they would like the homes on Nixon Avenue to honor Sam Burrell Sr, a longtime educator and community leader.

A recommendation was also given to call the new apartment complex that will be built on the former site of McCall Hospital on South Broad Street McCall Place. Finall, Etowah Place was the recommendation for the multi-family housing unit planned for the area next to Etowah Terrace Senior Residences.

The recommendations will go to the Laurel Street developers.

The South Rome Redevelopment Agency also elected Wright Bagby to serve as chairman in 2016 with Bill Kerestes as vice chairman.

Mary McHenry was elected to represent Etowah Terrace on both the agency and corporation boards while Jeanne Cahill was elected to the boards to represent the Mount Aventine neighborhood.