An inmate at Floyd County Jail, Monique Sherina Fleming, 19, is now facing additional charges after reports said she hit an officer in the face, resulting in a cut to the left side of her nose.

Fleming was first arrested back in early November 2015 after she allegedly assaulted a pregnant woman at Floyd Medical Center. She was charged at that time with two felony counts of terroristic threats and acts, along with misdemeanor charges of willful interference with medical professionals and battery against a pregnant person.

She is now charged additionally with felony battery and obstruction.


A Floyd County Sheriff’s Deputy arrested 19 year-old Monique Sherina Fleming, of Rome, Monday after she allegedly attacked a pregnant nurse at Floyd Medical Center. Reports said that Fleming also made threats against the unborn child before making threats at another employee at the hospital.

Authorities added that once at the jail Fleming attacked a female jailer. Reports said that she hit her in the face and head numerous times.

Fleming is charged with two felony counts of terroristic threats and acts, willful interference with a medical professional, battery against a pregnant person from the hospital incident, and felony probation violation. She is additionally charged with felony battery and obstruction from the incident at the jail.