Mohawk Inc. is continuing its Chattooga County investments with $250 million being spent on its Chattooga County facilities. The Chattooga County Development Authority said that plans had originally said that the company would invest $200 million with the creation of 470 jobs by 2018. However, not until recently did they get the news of the extra $50 million.


Mohawk originally made a six-year $180 million investment in 2012. So far they have invested close to $200 million with the creation of 320 jobs.


The company has until 2018 to meet the 470 mark, according to authority members.


Chattooga County Attorney Chris Corbin told the development authority that it is ‘possible they are going to acquire real estate and add additional buildings and storage space in the county.’ He added that the company could also change manufacturing plans at its locations.


The authority is guaranteeing Mohawk gets 10-year abatement on paying property taxes on new construction and equipment. That was part of the deal to get Mohawk to invest more locally.


Mohawk has until 2030 to make its investment.