Where to start, where to start? Well, there’s the Falcons. Remember when they were 6-1 and a virtual lock for the playoffs. They are now 6-7 and all but eliminated from playoff contention. So what’s the problem? I still believe that Dan Quinn is a good coach. But, I think Kyle Shanahan is a horrible offensive coordinator. Quinn needs a better roster to work with as well, but replacing Shanahan would be a good step in the offseason. That performance against Carolina was an embarrassment to the entire city of Atlanta.
I have never been a big Cam Newton fan and I’m still really not, but you have to give credit where credit is due and getting an NFL team to 13-0 is impressive. I still don’t like the excessive showboating when he scores a touchdown. I know that it’s a matter of preference but I just don’t care for that level of taunting your opponent, especially if you’re a quarterback. At least if a receiver or running back does it he has to take the hit that follows on the next tackle. But, if you hit a quarterback the way Newton should be hit in response they are going to flag you and probably fine you. He needs to be fair game if he is going to act like an idiot.
The Atlanta Hawks seem to be suffering the same funk as the Falcons after starting the season playing very well. But, the NBA season is long and there are going to be lulls. Still, I think don’t think the Hawks will get even as close to the Finals as they did last year. Which is to say that the championship drought will remain. The Georgia Curse continues.
Speaking of Georgia, the Bulldogs have hired their new head coach. Kirby Smart will be in Athens full-time once Alabama’s season ends. However, he has already scored his first victory by getting five star quarterback Jacob Eason to stick with his commitment. Eason flirted with arch-rival Florida for a couple of weeks but he had been committed to UGA for a very long time. Gator cornerback Jalen Tabor didn’t seem to care much saying Eason would just be throwing him interceptions during the game instead of at practice. That’s my man Jalen.
The Gators already have an elite quarterback enrolling early in Feleipe Franks and probable five star Jake Allen coming in next year. I never thought Eason would pick that depth chart over Georgia’s. At the very least, the knock on bad quarterback play in the SEC should be coming to an end. Jim McElwain took over the Gators about this time last year inheriting a recruiting class ranked in the 80s at the time. Right now, Rivals has the Gators listed as the 5th best class in the country. What a difference a year makes.
Meanwhile, Will Muschamp continues to put the old band back together as he adds strength and conditioning coach Jeff Dillman who was with him at Florida to his staff. Muschamp has already hired former Gator offensive coordinator Kurt Roper for the same job at South Carolina. I’ve said this before but it bears repeating. Let me get this straight, South Carolina is going to assemble the same staff that couldn’t win in the same division of the same conference only now they will NEVER have as much talent at their disposal as they had at Florida. What could go wrong?
Major League baseball commissioner Rob Manfred has decided not to reinstate Pete Rose. He cited as one of the reasons that Rose has continued to gamble. I’m sorry but if he is gambling legally what right does baseball have to take issue with it? He isn’t associated with the game. He’s a grown man and should be allowed to take part in legal gambling. Major League baseball just seems to come across as a little arrogant here. Since the popularity of the sports is dropping at an alarming rate, they might want to cater to the fans more and stop being such a curmudgeon. When do the bowl games start?