I don’t think that it’s the fact they fired Coach Mark Richt, but how it all went down. When you give all indication that your coach is on the hot seat, yet he wins out, and still gets fired. There’s an issue there.

I understand that business is business, and I have yet to firmly take a stance on the issue other than I thought Coach Richt did a wonderful job at the University of Georgia.

I will always support my Dawgs and I will fully support Kirby, heck, he is one of our own. Bama tries to their best to claim him, but most forget he coached running backs during UGA’s last SEC Championship season (2005). but I won’t ever support McGarity or give him an ounce of respect. He has been dishonest and has had selfish motives the whole time.

Do you remember what happened to UGA President Michael Adams when he let Athletics Director Vince Dooley go? He wanted his guy, which turned out to be Damien Evans. A police stop and pantie later we see how that ended up. The Bulldog Nation was so irritated with Adams that the students and fans decided to wear black to the next game. Adams was never able to escape that fact that he was the run that ran Dooley off.

Sidenote: Kennesaw State University thanks you Dr. Adams.

Again I fully support Kirby Smart and hope we win big with him. However, Ad Greg McGarity’s fate will forever be linked to this hire. If Kirby wins a National Title, all will be forgiven. If Smart ends up drunk with a stripper, his career as an AD is over.

Here’s what I think.

McGarity wanted to make his legacy. He knew one of two things were bound to happen under Coach Mark Richt. Either he was going to finally win the big one, and that wasn’t good for him. Why? It’s simple. Richt was a Dooley guy. He was found and brought in to the school by him, and McGarity could not take credit for the find. Or, Richt would have stayed for another decade and never won a title and boosters would have always wondered ‘what if’. Either way, was a loss for McGarity.

With the hire of Smart, McGarity kills three birds with one stone. He calms down all the hate directed at him for his wrong doing of Coach Richt, because Dawg Nation will always support their own, and Kirby is our own. Pruitt is out of his hair without him having to face that conflict. If Pruitt doesn’t get a head coaching job, Saban is sure to make him their defensive coordinator.

If you remember McGarity tried to fire and hire Dan Mullen on multiple occasions, but didn’t have the support to do so. Now if and when Kirby when’s big, McGarity will get all the credit.

McGarity is selfish and did what is in his best interest. And because I’m loyal to the Dawgs and Loyal to Kirby, I’m hoping it works out in McGaritys favor.

Potts Picks’

So in the last week of the regular season I went 17 out of 20.  One of my best weeks ever!  That improves my yearly total to 102 out of 140, or 73 percent on the year.  Here goes my Potts’ Picks Championship Edition

  • Houston over Temple
  • Baylor over Texas
  • Georgia Southern over Georgia State
  • Bama over Florida
  • Clemson over North Carolina
  • Michigan over Iowa
  • Stanford over USC
  • West Virginia over Kansas State
  • Arkansas Stave over Texas State
  • San Diego State over Air force

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