Floyd County Commissioners worked Monday to eliminate a $1.4 million deficit in its proposed 2016 budget. Officials said that the general budget is set for $48,005,485 with projections of only $46,573,745 in revenue.

Reports said that commissioners talked about vehicle replacement within their different departments. One proposal was to use retired vehicles from the Floyd County Sheriff’s Department for the tax appraiser’s office.

Commissioner Rhonda Wallace said that is appeared that the county is paying insurance on several vehicles that are no longer in service.

Commissioner Scotty Hancock said, ‘ I feel like budget discussion went well. It seems we had a lot of vehicle request this year and we are reviewing the need for the replacements. If a vehicle cost $20,000 to replace, but we can make repairs to bring the vehicle up to speed we need to take that direction.’

Hancock added, ‘As a commissioner we have an obligation to be sure we are maximizing tax payer dollars by looking at all means. .  We must continue to look for cost saving measures such as outsourcing some services. It may be cheaper to outsource mowing and hydro seeding rather than spending money on equipment. ‘

He also proposed that the county take a look at tax-exempt properties in the county. Officials said that those properties total more than 300 and have an estimated value of $595 million. Hancock said, ‘rules and regulations have changed over the year, along with properties being sold, we should take a look at some of these and make sure they still meet the guidelines’.

The Floyd County Commission will hold its next meeting on Tuesday December 22.