Cave Spring residents joined the City Commission this week to hold a ‘note burning’.   Cave Spring Councilman Mike Ragland said that the event was done as a ‘celebration’ for the city paying off the loan for the new Welcome Center. Ragland added that thanks to events such as the Cave Spring Motorcycle Rally, Ghost Walk, Pig Out, Bacon Fest and numerous other activities the city was able to pay the loan off in four years and four months.

‘The City of Cave Spring would like to thank everyone who came to any of the Downtown Development Authority’s events over the past few years. Because of you, the Welcome Center is now owned by the citizens of Cave Spring,’ Ragland said.

‘We feel that every citizen that has in anyway contributed to any event is a stockholder and we hope you come back to visit and see the center.’ Ragland added.

The welcome center cost close to $60,000 and by paying the note off early the city saved several thousand in interest.