Christmas is over, and New Year’s is on its way. Sometimes, people forgo all of the shopping, hustle and bustle and go on a trip this time of year instead. It has its perks: No crazy mall trips, no stress over not being able to find someone the perfect gift, no angry outbursts when the wrapping paper rips.

So if you decided to go on a trip for the holidays, to maybe Disney World or on a cruise, we are curious as to whether Groupon, Living Social, or another daily deal site helped in your planning. We’ve done some research to see if sites like this are actually worth it or if there are too many strings attached to make it worth your time.

According to Forbes, these sites are becoming increasingly unpopular as they fill our inboxes with daily emails for 50% off certain deals that expire faster than we can read them. Forbes helps answer two important questions: Are these sites still worth using? And if so, what are the best ways to use them wisely? Read the full article here.

Next Avenue, another helpful site, has some great ideas for traveling smarter, cheaper, and more often. They believe these daily deals can be worth it, if you make them work for you; you can read the entire article here.

There are pros and cons to Groupon and Living Social, and while some people have had great experiences with these sites, others have gotten burned. Like Jody L. Rohlena, senior editor of ShopSmart, a shopping magazine from Consumer Reports, says, “The bloom is off the rose. But if you’re smart and cherry-pick the deals, you can save a good amount of money.”

The big thing to remember about any of these sites is this: just because something is on sale, it doesn’t mean it’s a good deal for you. If you don’t need it, it isn’t a good deal, no matter how low the price. Our advice: shop these sites when you’re looking for a particular trip, product or service. Otherwise, you may be spending on things you wouldn’t have bought anyway.

By: Stephanie Graves