Two Rome businesses, Goat’s General Store on Broad Street and El Patron on Redmond Circle received letters of warning after alcohol violations Monday. The Alcohol Control Commission also recommended a $250 monetary penalty for Goat’s because an officer had been sent to the location the night before for a similar situation, he was not issued a citation that time.

This marks the second warning letter for El Patron for underage consumption. However, the ACC could not find adequate proof that the minor was served at the establishment. They added that the officer noticed that the underage patron was intoxicated as a reason for the citation.

The ACC also voted not to give Larry Martin an extension to open Big Time Liquor Wine &Tobacco on Shorter Avenue. Instead, the commission voted to give Viral Patel the go-ahead for his store in the same block. City code prevents someone from submitting the same application within six months of a prior application.

Both locations had previously applied for extensions in rotating fashion.   Martin’s previous extension expired on October 20th. Patel’s expired in 2014. He did not apply the last time because he was told that Martin had applied for the license.

City alcohol ordinance prohibits two package liquor stores within 500 yards of one another.

A new wine-pouring license was issued to Vickie Elrod, the new owner of Little Garden, 1901 Dean Ave.