Floyd County investigators are looking into the theft of numerous guns  at a barn on Fosters Mill Road.  Reports said that the victim’s barn was ‘thoroughly gone through’ .  In addition to a M1D Garand rifle, M1 Garand, M1A rifle, Browning A5 shotgun, ruger carbine, mk3 Smle rifle, Smle, Winchester M 94 and an 1853 Sptingfield Musket a large amount of scrap metal was taken.

Reports said that the victim rented the property for hunting.

Investigators are also looking into a robbery at a home on Turner Bend Road.  Reports said that the home was broken into last week while the residents were not at home.

Reports continued that the suspects ripped out a hot water heater and a deep freezer. The suspects also took a large number of rare hotwheels.  Like the previous burglary, the suspect(s) also throughly went though the home scrolling personal paperwork throughout.