An Elmont, New York man was booked into the Floyd County Jail on Tuesday on murder and aggravated assault charges. Stephon Rickman, 25, is charged in connection with the shooting death of Travious Floyd in downtown Rome back on May 24th of this year. Police said that Floyd was shot near West Fifth Avenue and Tribune Street near Broad after an altercation at a nearby club.

Authorities said that the shooting occurred after a Bandit Gang Marco Concert. Officials said that pepper spray was released in the crowd and the concertgoers spilled into the streets. It was then the shooting occurred.

Police added that Floyd was found in front of the Historic Floyd County Courthouse across from the Police Complex and was taken to a local hospital where he later died.

Rickman is the second suspect arrested in the case. Joseph E. Williams, 24 of Lithonia, was arrested and charged with murder and three counts of aggravated assault as well.

Jamarco Montae Gibbs AKA Bandit Gang Marco, 24 of Atlanta, was also arrested in the case and accused of providing misleading information during the investigation. He is charged with felony false statements or writings, as well as misdemeanor willful obstruction of law enforcement officers.