Floyd County Commissioners and Sheriff Tim Burkhalter reached a temporary compromise on Friday in regards to budget issues. Commissioners agreed to fund two new staff positions and four new vehicles next year. Burkhalter had asked for nine new positions, six patrol cars and a transport van.

The two new positions, which will be jailers, will add $70,000 to the general budget while the vehicles will be budgeted at $108,000 and will come out of capital funds in the 2016 budget.

Commissioners also agreed to look at the purchase of a new generator and water heaters.

Burkhalter said that, ‘We are shorthanded at the jail, and I am not at the point where I can say no to any new additions.’

‘The commission and I agreed that we would revisit the issue next year in hopes of higher revenue for the county,’Burkhalter added.

A finalized Floyd County budget should be completed next week.