I really don’t know. That is the best answer I have when being asked my thoughts on what will happen in Jacksonville, Florida this weekend

This college football season is without a doubt one of the most unpredictable ones I can ever remember. Heck, last weekend, look no further than Atlanta. After five straight losses against some below average football teams, Georgia Tech beat Florida State. What? Really? I would have bet the house that would have never happened.

If you would have given be 18 and Utah last week I would have bet my truck on it. I would have lost.   If at week 1 you would have said LSU and Florida would be division leaders in the SEC going into week 9 I would have thought you were taking too much Nyquil.

C’mon now, we are talking about a season that has saw Memphis defeat Ole Miss, who went to Tuscaloosa and ran up and down on the Alabama Crimson Tide.

What about the safe bets? On par to where I thought are… Ohio State. With that type of schedule, Calhoun would be undefeated. I would also have thought that Baylor and TCU would be where they are, on a collision course for Thanksgiving weekend.

All this in saying, who knows. Last year the only drive Florida managed outside of Jacksonville was the one to the stadium.   The Gators ran into Georgia and suddenly found a way to roll. I have seen numerous times the better team walking out of the Cocktail Party with a loss. On the bad side, most of those were a better Georgia team.

Folks can say what they want, but I truly believe Georgia is the better team. I feel that our team matches really well for the Gators. The issue is much like it was last year, but with the shoe flipped. Georgia’s offense has looked abysmal. Maybe we can have da ja vu Saturday with the scrip flipped and the Dawgs on top. But I really have no idea.

Last week I went 8-2 (here’s looking at you Tech and USC) bringing my early total to 56 out of 80, a solid 70 percent on the year.

Now onto this week’s Potts Picks.

  • Stanford over Washington State
  • UPSET! Temple over Notre Dame
  • Tennessee over Kentucky
  • Michigan over Minnesota
  • Duke over Miami
  • Houston over Vandy
  • Virginia over Georgia Tech
  • Utah over Oregon State
  • OK state over Texas Tech
  • Florida over Georgia

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