Fourth and fifth grade Kaleidoscope, or gifted, students came together to explore their classroom study of architecture during a “Build It” festival organized by Floyd County Schools Kaleidoscope teachers at October 12 at Georgia Highlands College. The festival included ten stations designed to allow students to imagine and build.  The hands-on experience created a connection for the young builders between what is taught in the classroom and its usefulness outside of school.

Kaleidoscope students from around the county are currently studying about architecture. The ten “Build It” stations available for those attending served as an opportunity to broaden their knowledge of architecture and building.   One of the stations featured Home Depot employees sharing their experience with the children. The Home Depot station focused on measurements and the tools used to determine length and temperature.

Allison Espy, the organizer of the event said, “Success of a student relies on how well they take skills taught in the classroom and translate it to everyday use.”  Teachers involved in the project hope that creating a “real world” connection will increase the likelihood the participants will remember the lessons learned and be capable of using them in the future.

Espy added, “Students enjoy it because it’s not something they get to do in the regular classroom and is a lot more hands on.” She continued, “Students will get into the car with their mom or dad and tell them about all the fun they had today.”

The event ran for most of the day and required plenty of helping hands. Espy made sure to mention the assistance of those who helped to make the event possible.  She said, “The high school interns we’re a huge help, along with all of the Kaleidoscope teachers and the many volunteers involved.”