Floyd County Commissioners approved a recommendation to implement a 1 percent cost of living increase for county employees, including law enforcement officers before the end of the year.  The increase will take affect November 28th with employees seeing the raise on their December 11th paycheck.   Floyd County will see an increase of $612,343, which will be phased in at $204,118 a year over the next three years.

The three phase process will begin this December with the second going into the budgeting for year two and then year three.

For law enforcement working with both Floyd County Police and the Floyd County Sheriff’s Office, the amount of increase will depend on each of the officer’s position.

According to Larry Maxey, ‘It is great that the entire commission voted on a raise for the employees. I only wished that we could have given them more for all of their hard work.

Maxey did say that Phase two and three are dependent on tax revenue and ‘no surprises from the Georgia Department of Revenue’.

Commissioners also voted to replace the roof at the Forum Civic Center.