Members of the community gathered this week to discuss the future of the new Animal Shelter in Floyd County. The new 7,500 square foot building will be located at 99 North Avenue, and will be double the current size said Animal Control Director Jason Broome.  Architects said that the plans are expected to be finalized by December.


Community members were told that the new shelter will have rooms for close to 40 dogs and 40 cats to be housed for adoption.  It will also have room for close to 90 animals to be housed for holds or quarantine.



The new shelter will also have three different sections,  one for a lobby, another for animal intake and a third for adoptions.  Each section of the shelter would have its own air supply, to eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination.


A new waste-management system will also be built and will feature individual trench drains for each kennel.


The kennel will also feature an outdoor exercise location for dogs to socialize with potential adopters.


Another public meeting is scheduled to be held before groundbreaking, which is expected to happen in December or January.


Officials expect that it will take close to 13 months before it is finished.  It is being funded though a $5.7 million earmark in the 2013 SPLOST package that was approved by voters.