SAI Digital and Floyd Medical Center announce a joint venture to launch `StudentManager`, online credentialing software for medical students, observers, and instructors. The joint venture merges Floyd’s expertise within healthcare education with the advanced programming and technology infrastructure developed by SAI Digital. The product will be sold and continually developed by SAI Digital.
`Floyd is proud to partner with a Rome-based company that has demonstrated the ability to meet healthcare technology needs,` said Sheila Bennett, Senior Vice President and Chief of Patient Services. `As the demand for healthcare providers increases throughout the state, so will the need for advanced healthcare education. We are committed to assist in making that happen,` said Bennett.

StudentManager ™ is web-based software which allows healthcare facilities to manage custom requirements for on-site rotations, receive documents and protected health information, and coordinate multiple departments in the processing of students, instructors, and observers. The HIPAA-compliant software is a unified tool for auditing credentials and managing assignment of badge numbers, network security and EMR access, while maintaining communication with students in a secure fashion.

For the last two years, Floyd has been utilizing the StudentManager ™ portal to manage close to 1,100 medical student rotations annually.

`StudentManager` solves a longtime challenge to build a compliant, scalable process that also facilitates easy experience for the student and school,” says Lucy Megginson, Director, Center of Workforce Development at Floyd, “We’ve realized savings of nearly 45 minutes per student and up to 15 sheets of paper. Those savings add up financially and provide us the ability to put more effort into building relationships and identifying and recruiting the best candidates as future employees, which ultimately benefits the patient and community.”

StudentManager is a cloud-based system utilizing a software-as-a-service business model. Customers subscribe to the service and receive use of the software and any updates as the product evolves. A live webcast will be held Sept. 23 at 11:30am to explore the product and discuss this innovative approach to product development. More information is available at .