A commemorative sign recognizing the 50th anniversary of the Chiaha Festival was approved to be installed on Broad Street by the Rome City Commission this week. The sign, which was barley approved, will be located at the corner of Broad Street and East 1st Avenue. Officials added that it will stand close to seven feet tall. Commissioners discussed the issue for close to half an hour because some felt that it would obscure the view of buildings and was in the right of way. Some even suggested that it may not fit into the ‘downtown look’.
City Manager Sammy Rich said that there is a process in which art is placed in downtown areas. He said that if someone wants to place a piece of art in a public place, such as the ‘Dancing Daisy’ they must go through Mary Hardin Thorton with Keep Rome/Floyd Beautiful and send it for a committee to examine.

Rich added that since the sign would be on City property, if necessary, it could be moved in the future.

Commissioners also approved the appointment of Mike Hackett as director of the Water & Sewer Division.