So the University of Georgia football team picked up a `free agent` in football this week. Virginia quarterback Greyson Lambert announced that he has signed to play at UGA next year. The former starting QB for the Cavs is a Georgia native and looks to bring more questions than answers to the already crowed competition.

I believe one of the current three (Jacob Park, Faton Bauta, and Brice Ramsey) will soon be finding another school to get their degree from. If I was a betting man, I think Ramsey is pretty much guaranteed the starting job next year, pending a horrific fall practice. I think Bauta, who has already earned his degree, has a shot at being a strong backup and will stay as well… at least for one more season. When Jacob Eason arrives next January, I think that Bauta could look to play his senior season closer to home, which is in Florida. That leaves former Mr. South Carolina Jacob Park. If the redshirt freshman decides to leave now he could have 4 years of playing time at another school. My money`s on Park.

With Lambert tossing more interceptions than touchdowns last year it will be interesting to see what the 6 foot 5 QB can do in Athens. Obviously, the protection is much better as well as the obvious running game.

Either way, I think the Bulldog Nation knows that this year is just a seat warmer to future QB Jacob Eason.

It is amazing to see the trouble that North Carolina could be in. The school has been hit with 5 level 1 (the most serious) violations. The NCAA said that the school created fake classes in which athletes took part in, as well as money issues and lack of instructional control. Roy Williams name was mentioned once in the 59 page report, so that leaves a question to what will happen to the men`s basketball team. If the unit gets hit with a postseason ban one must wonder what will happen to all of those McDonald`s All-Americans that want a taste of `tobacco road`.

FIFA continues to have trouble… American`s care less.

While only a select few care about hockey in the south, how awesome was it to have two Game 7`s in the Conference Finals. Chicago and Tampa Bay advanced to the Stanley Cup Finals, for those who didn`t know. This means a few things. 1: It`s been almost two decades since a Canadian team has hoisted the Cup. 2: Despite a southern team in the game, no state below the Mason Dixon line will have more than a few thousand people watching it. 3: Chicago is putting together quit a sports dynasty before our eyes, and yet no one even knows. This will make their 3rd Cup Finals since 2010.

Oh yeah, I will still go on record saying that the Lord Stanley`s Cup is the coolest trophy in all of sports.

Finally, I am totally disappointed in ESPN for making Bruce Jenner the winner of the Arthur Ashe Courage Award. While an Army Veteran who lost an arm and leg to a bomb in Iraq, and now competes in Cross fit events finished second. On top of great heroes like Lauren Hill and Jim Kelly, who represent everything Ashe wanted. Kelly was a college basketball player who passed away with cancer last year while Kelly continues to fight the deadly disease.

Such a horrible mistake by ESPN.

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Tony Potts