The Star Volunteer Award was created in 2003 by the Family Resource Center as a way to recognize individuals for their commitment to our mission to prevent child abuse and neglect. Named in honor of the first recipient, Katie Dempsey, this is the highest recognition conveyed upon an Exchange Club Family Resource Center volunteer. Individuals with outstanding volunteer efforts in the name of the Exchange Club Family Resource Center are nominated annually by their peers and selected by a committee. This year, the 2015 Star Volunteer Award is presented to Gin Gunther. Gunther has been actively involved with the Family Resource Center Board of Directors since 2006 and has served in a variety of committee roles, with leadership in the areas of Personnel and Fund-Raising.

Past recipients include the following noted community leaders:
(2003) Katie Dempsey
(2004) Jim Bishop
(2005) Sam Evans
(2006) Stephen Patton
(2007) John Hine
(2008) Lynn Maddox
(2009) Gail Johnson
(2010) Lisa Stuenkel (
2011) Phyllis Pemerton
(2012) Dr. Gary Smith
(2013) George Kastanias
(2014) Jason Sanker
According to those nominating her, `Gin`s advice and council have not only been exemplary but also ever beneficial to the success the Center currently enjoys.` According to Gunther: `I`m so glad to be a part of an organization that helps give children hope. The work of the Family Resource Center is important to our community and to the children we serve.`

Gunther has over 30 years experience in sales, marketing, personnel, and fund development and has worked and volunteered with a variety of corporations and organizations.