The Rome City Alcohol Control Commission has requested owners of Giggity’s sports bar appear before them next week.

Reports said that a letter to the restaurant stated “As you are aware, there have no citations issued to you or any of your employees at Giggity’s, and this is not an ACC License Hearing, but rather a chance for the ACC to discuss some concerns about your establishment. These concerns are over reports of underage drinking, patrons drinking alcohol outside of the sidewalk café boundries, persons smoking inside the sidewalk care, loud noise and fighting by your customers, and employees drinking while on duty”.

The meeting will take place on Monday.

Also, the ACC ask that Jagdish Shankhala, owner of Heli Food Mart appear before them to discus failed compliance.  Reports said that an employee of the store sold alcohol to a minor and then was cited.  The store was supposed to undergo training on sales to minors, but failed to do so.