Sen. Chuck Hufstetler (R – Rome) was honored this week with the lifetime legislative award by Georgia Watch, a consumer protection advocacy nonprofit organization.

Consumer protection advocate Clark Howard, host of the Clark Howard Show, stated, “As a former board member and longtime supporter of Georgia Watch, I want to congratulate Senator Chuck Hufstetler on receiving the lifetime achievement award from Georgia Watch.  His long history of work to protect Georgia consumers from predatory lending products, improving health care access, eliminating medical billing confusion and abuses and reducing energy costs has improved the playing field for all Georgians. Congrats to Senator Hufstetler!”

“I am honored to be recognized by Georgia Watch and would like to thank their leadership and members for continuously advocating for consumer protection initiatives,” said Sen. Hufstetler. “Guaranteeing that our consumers are protected, their taxpayer dollars are conservatively and intelligently allocated and keeping tabs on projects that could cost our citizens more in burdensome taxes is our top priority. I look forward to working with Georgia Watch in the future to help give Georgia’s citizens the chance to have just as much of a say in policy as big corporations, while making sure businesses in Georgia thrive.”

Sen. Hufstetler was given the award for his work on and support of Senate Bill 355 and Senate Bill 8. SB 355, which was signed by Governor Nathan Deal, sunsets Senate Bill 31 from 2009 and prevents utility companies from billing citizens for the financing costs on nuclear power plant construction projects in the future. SB 8 is a consumer protection bill which would have enacted measures to protect patients from surprise billing. The bill had bipartisan support and passed the Senate 52-0.  Senator Hufstetler was first given an award by Georgia Watch in 2014 for his work on improving health care access, which he still works on today. The award this year recognizes a continual multiyear effort by Sen. Hufstetler for his consistent work on behalf of the consumer. Senator Hufstetler is also chairman of the Senate Finance Committee which hears legislation related to the state’s taxing authority and revenue collections.

Georgia Watch is an organization that “is the state’s leading consumer advocacy organization, focused on issues that impact your wallet and your quality of life. Georgia Watch is a non-profit, nonpartisan 501(c)3 organization that utilizes education and advocacy to help give consumers a strong ally to level the playing field with powerful special interests in the state.”