Floyd County Schools said this week that enrollment has continued to decline over the past few years, and as the result looking to make changes that may include consolidating schools.

Reports said that enrollment for FCS could drop over 1,000 students in the coming years.  This year the system is down 144 students compared to the start of last school year.  According to Superintendent Jeff Wilson, what has dropped even more is the FTE (full-time equivalent) count, which incorporates student enrollment and the services needed by students to formulate QBE (quality basic education) funding from the state.

This year’s enrollment is listed at close to 9,000, down from 11,500.  The decline in numbers also means a decline in funding the system receives.

Reports added that numbers have decreased between 150 and 200 students each year for the past 8 years.

To get project funding, schools have to have an enrollment of over 200 students, currently two elementary schools in the county does not reach that number.  According to Director of Facilities David Van Hook, four more schools could reach those numbers next year.  Special project funding goes for things such as art, media, music and PE.

The system has already announced the closure of McHenry Primary School, which will merge with Pepperell near year.  Positions that are affected will be absorbed into other areas in the system.

Currently, Floyd County Schools have 19 facilities they maintain.