Rome High School track and field coach, Nick Bridges, was awarded the 2017-2018 System Coach of the Year Award.

“It’s such a huge honor, especially with the amount of talent, and the quality of coaches that we have here at Rome High School. To even be recognized is amazing, but to be given Coach of the Year is such a huge honor,” said Bridges.

Although the award is titled solely to Bridges, he verbalized that without help, this would have never been possible. He wanted to recognize assistant coaches Amanda Malcom, Dennis Toney, Tom Tilton, Debbie Grist, Marti Couey, Trevor Price, Cristina McArver and Dennis Dillard for all the help they contributed this past season.

“The sign of a great coach is the assistance that you’ve got surrounding you, and I most definitely couldn’t have done this without my support coaches. They really deserve this award, not me,” said Bridges.

Even after just receiving this award, Bridges has already started plotting, and is looking forward to next year’s team and their future accomplishments.

“We are young, and just being able to continue to build on the process that we started the last two years is what I’m most excited about. We’ve got a really good group of kids coming in, so we are eager about that as well. We are all just ready,” said Bridges