Local pediatrician  Raj Miniyar issued a statement regarding next weekend’s New Black Panther Rally planned for Rome, “I am writing to call on community leaders of Rome, especially leaders from African -American community to denounce a hate group. It is important. It’s about the future and safety of our community. Hate is hate. Racism is racism. When white supremacist hate blacks, it’s a racism and wrong. When black extremist are anti white, it is also a racism and wrong. We can’t have double standards when we are dealing with hate and racism. Hypocrisy is never a good policy. Honesty, integrity, fairness and being unbiased is always very important for the long term success of any great cause. . NEW BLACK PANTHER PARTY is a radical, hateful, violent, extremist, vicious group. They advocate violence against whites, police, Jews.They proclaim “DEATH” to anyone who opposes their “liberation”. They want to divide America. . Now NBPP is trying to sell their poison with sugar coating. They are doing ” Stop Violence” rally in Rome. Just look at their own promotional video below and you will see how fake is their “stop violence” cause.THIS EVENT IS THEIR RECRUITMENT TOOL. Plain and simple. They want to recruit and brainwash our black youths for their hateful agenda. This is going to hurt the future, life, career of our black youths and our black community, before it hurts anyone else. WE WANT OUR YOUTHS TO FOLLOW THE FOOTSTEPS AND VISION OF DR.MARTIN LUTHER KING and not of the hateful, extremist NBPP. . I am calling on leadership of our community ( please tag any community leader who you want to act ) to take a firm, clear and open stand against this hate group. Please come together to denounce this ideology unequivocally. Being anti white , anti Jews and anti all police force without discrimination is NOT GOING TO SERVE INTERESTS of black community. Our leadership can not sit quietly and allow our black youths to fall prey to these hate groups. Please come together and 1) Release a public statement as mentioned above. 2) Do a press conference with the same goals. 3) More importantly talk about it in your churches, organizations, meetings. 4) Proactively reach out to black youths NOW. Your time is running out. I know what I am saying is not politically correct. But it’s the right thing to do for ROME. We can not have double standards when we are dealing with hate and racism.”